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What We Do.

There are currently many students enrolled at colleges around the country learning the many aspects of window display artistry.

Their sandwich course takes four years to complete and includes a significant amount of theory, while the practical aspect prepares them for an environment in which they plan windows months in advance. Many experience the luxury of working in teams and have a whole day or more to complete the installation.

By contrast the Alternative Display Training company's courses have a running time of four and a half hours and is designed to ensure that each individual member of your staff can achieve visually exciting, professional looking displays in minutes with a minimum of pre-installation preparation, using a range of inexpensive and readily available materials.

The course is made up of two modules lasting two hours, fifteen minutes. These can be split across a coffee break or lunch to fit in with the client's timetable and can even be scheduled as a 'twilight' session after the normal school day, to finish at around 8.30pm.

Presentation Topics

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: The tools of the trade
: Using standard materials
: Dressing notice boards
: Preparing a display table
: Posters and Leaflets
: Original using everyday items
: Using props for impact
: Seasonal displays
: Creating 3-D displays
: Suspended displays